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Thanks to its broad, perhaps unique selection of technologies, Miteni has unmatchable synthesis potential. If to this asset we add the operating flexibility and dedication of our specialized technical personnel, we have that unique blend of properties that makes for a successful company.

Miteni’s production plant is arranged in 3 different and complementary department:



Miteni is one of the few companies that hold this technology worldwide.This is one of the core technologies of the company and through the years a deep know-how was acquired.

In this section of the plant are produced mainly perfluorocarboxylic and perfluorosulfonic acids with different carbon atom chains, and perfluoroinerts such as aliphatic or cyclic perfluorocompounds, containing a piran or furan ring.

Nominal capacity: from tens to hundreds mT/year.

Multipurpose Plant

This section is dedicated to specific fluoroaromatic products obtained starting from basic Fluorotoluenes.

This section is also used to strengthen Development Projects for new Advanced Intermediates.

Miteni is today among the few western producers handling Hydrofluoric Acid offering a mix of flexibility, optimal plant dimension, cost-effectiveness and reliable product quality.


Halogen exchange is the core technology of this department. Miteni invests continuously in BTF to diversify product lines and implement them by introducing more advanced intermediates and new product families, such as the recent derivatives of hexafluoroxylenes, intended for highly specialized applications in agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals

Nominal capacity: thousands mT/year.

People, know-how and resources you can count on. Reliability at work.


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