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Full History

It all began in Trissino, near Vicenza (Italy), in 1965. This is where Miteni was born as Rimar (Ricerche Marzotto), research centre of the internationally-known textile company.

This initial cell of our organization was thus a small research centre created to develop perfluorinated products for water and oil-repellent coatings for textiles. Then came increasing specialization in fluorine: the original small lab was soon joined by an industrial ElectroChemical Fluorination plant that enabled Miteni to enter the international arena, alongside world-class companies.

Rimar’s next step was to enter the area of fluorinated intermediates, with pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications, through the halogen exchange technology of fluorination used to produce benzotrifluorides. Then we developed diazotization technology to produce fluoro- aromatics: molecules with fluorine directly on the aromatic ring.

In 1988 EniChem of Italy and Mitsubishi of Japan took an interest in Rimar and fluorine chemistry. Together they formed a joint venture called Miteni. This was the start of an industrial venture that lasted until 1996, when the Japanese partner acquired 100% of Miteni, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

This affiliation provided Miteni with a unique perspective of development. We could count on the financial capital of Mitsubishi for production investment and R&D expenditures, but we could also draw upon the commercial power of our Japanese parent, with its massive presence in all the world markets, particularly in such fast-growing markets as China and India.

In essence, it enabled us to seize the new opportunities emerging in the fluorinated intermediates market, at any level anywhere around the globe.

Miteni today represents the best of its past. It is a business entity with outstanding technological and commercial know-how and a highly motivated, enthusiastic staff, totally committed to innovation. It is a lean organization that relies on flexibility as one of its fundamental success factors.

On February 2009 I.C.I.G. (International Chemical Investors Group) took over all the share of Miteni, that entered in an industrial group composed by 16 chemical companies, operating worldwide in base chemicals, fine chemicals, and polymers.


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