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Health Protection

Heath Protection

At Miteni we are committed to safeguarding the health of our employees. In order to determine the health risks associated with each product, a data base containing all occupational health data is maintained and is made available to all employees. Furthermore we conduct continuous workers health surveillance programs.

Simulation models and work place measures are standard tools to carry out work place assessments with respect to exposure of our employees to various chemicals.



Miteni is strongly committed to working in a safe environment. We strictly address the needs for safety and security of our workers and the community as a whole. Our site in Trissino (VI) is included in the Major Risk Prevention Decree (known as “Seveso II”) and the relevant Safety Management System is in full compliance with the ISO 10617 Standard. In 2006 full compliance with the national regulation has been certified by the pertinent Authorities. Our Major Risk Prevention Policy is renewed on a bi-annual basis and it is based on the continuous improvement in the Safety Management System.

At Miteni, the basic principles of Safety are to:

  • provide instruction, education and continuous training for all employees to encourage their personal sense of responsibility in maintaining a high level of safety.
  • respond frankly, rapidly and constructively to possible concerns and questions of the community regarding our operations.
  • make constant efforts to reduce the hazards and risks arising from the manufacture, storage, transportation, marketing, use, recycling and disposal of our products.
  • take safety into account at the very beginning of the development stage of new products and production processes.
Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Miteni is committed to three continuous improvement of its environmental performance, through an efficient use of raw materials, energy and other resources. The improvement of efficiency in the use of our resources also results in reductions in emissions and in the production of wastes. Our Health Safety & Environment (HSE) department assesses investments and processes for their environmental impact and give advice and establish guidelines for project leaders on specific waste minimization methods and treatment techniques and technologies. Support is given in the assessment of waste disposal facilities operated by both in house incineration and third parties.

Earth is not an inexhaustible system, its a resources can extinguish. This topic is crucial for the development and the future of businesses. Miteni S.p.A., with the corporate purpose to make available products and services that improve the health, safety and quality of human life, is also aware that its production activities, the substances handled, treated, and the products obtained may have an impact on the natural ecological balance of the environment in which it operates. Miteni S.p.A. wants to ensure the protection of the environment, understanding the close links existing between environment, economy and society in the prevention of pollution in compliance with legal requirements and commitments. The instrument to realize this proposal is an environmental management system following the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 which is not only an added value for the present businesses, but also a necessary condition to ensure sustainability and development in the future. This follows the assumption already made to introduce a quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) and a safety management system for the prevention of major accidents (UNI 10617:2009). Following this strategic approach Miteni S.p.A. undertakes to:

  • support and promote information, education and training of all staff in relation to their position inside the company, understanding that only knowledge and culture can lead to a perfect environment;
  • engage responsibly in protecting the environment, with different roles and responsibilities insiede the whole structure of Miteni S.p.A.
  • use managerial skills, scientific knowledge and technologies to implement effective measures to reduce consumptions (including natural resources and production of wastes).
  • keep dutifully , in all its consequences, the weight of the environmental impact of development programs or otherwise in connection with significant changes in the existing business;
  • focus on a continuous improvement both as operational reliability (systems, organization, substances) and ecological efficiency, minimizing consumptions;
  • constantly allocate resources in the protection of the subsoil and groundwater.

Environmental Policy of Miteni S.p.A. will be regularly reviewed and updated if necessary with the aim to achieve continuous improvements.


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