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Environmental Policy

"Talk about environment, is to take note of awareness, well-established, that the Earth system is not an inexhaustible wealth, but, on the contrary, it is a resource that can extinguish. The topic is so important that now seems crucial for the development and the future of business. Miteni S.p.A., although the corporate purpose is to make available products and services that improve the health, safety and quality of human life, is also aware that its production activities, the substances handled, treated, and the products obtained may be due to interference with the natural ecological balance of the environment in which it operates and is also aware of the environmental consequences associated with the use of natural resources. Miteni S.p.A. therefore considers it necessary to take the initiative necessary for ensuring the protection of the environment in understanding the close links that exist between the environment, economy and society committed to the prevention of pollution in compliance with legal requirements and commitments. The instrument to realize this initiative is to Miteni SpA an environmental management system coherent with the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 which is not only a strategic economic value, but also an inescapable responsibility in the future and therefore one of the means to ensure the survival and development. This follows the assumption already made a voluntary system of quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) and safety management system for the prevention of major accidents (UNI 10617:2009). Following this strategic approach Miteni S.p.A. undertakes to: support and promote information, education and training of all staff in relation to the powers and the role played, in the knowledge that it is through knowledge and culture that creates a perfect environment; engage responsibly in protecting the environment, with different roles and differentiated responsibilities, the whole structure of Miteni S.p.A. and the individuals who compose it; use managerial skills, scientific knowledge, techniques and technologies to implement effective measures to reduce consumption, including natural resources and production of waste from industrial processes, reduce, where possible, the impact also rethinking existing products and processes, trying to identify new management structure / plant able to combine economic efficiency with environmental performance; keep dutifully present, in all its consequences, the weight of the environmental impact of development programs on the occasion of or otherwise in connection with significant changes in the existing business; tend, over time, a continuous improvement both as operational reliability (systems, organization, substances), as well as ecological efficiency and produce the same welfare consuming fewer resources; constantly allocate resources in the protection of the subsoil and groundwater. Environmental Policy of Miteni S.p.A. will be regularly reviewed and updated if necessary in relation to the results and objectives that Miteni SpA will be given in order to achieve continuous improvement."

Ing. Luigi Guarracino (Managing Director)


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